Backing Bromley is a community group set up by residents to hold our elected councillors to account.

This is our webpage and you’ll be hearing a lot more from Backing Bromley.

We want our Council to succeed but we believe that the leaders should be more responsive to us, the people of Bromley. The people who elected them.

Instead Bromley council is mistreating whistle-blowers who are trying to raise legitimate concerns about the impact of cuts on local services.


Bromley residents have launched this campaign calling on local councillors to sign-up and back a pledge supporting local residents and council staff who wish to raise legitimate concerns without fear of reprisals.

Residents will be asking every councillor in the borough to sign up to a pledge supporting a fit for purpose whistle-blowing agreement drawn up by legal experts in order to protect residents and council staff. Backing Bromley is calling on the Tory council to incorporate the agreement into Bromley council’s policies and procedures.

The council’s current whistle – blowing agreement is not fit for purpose; it does not go far enough and is evidently not working. Councillors need to prove they are serious about protecting workers and the community.

We have also had a number of people suggesting that we run independents at the next election – this will be considered if Bromley Councillors refuse to listen to their constituents – watch this space!

If you would like to raise any issues with us or you just want to find out more please contact Backing Bromley at: Contact@backingbromley.org

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