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Bromley Council has been revealed wasting council tax—payers’ money on luxury cars while some of its most vulnerable residents live in inadequate housing. Meanwhile, the Council’s own internal audit revealed it handing out a lucrative contract, at “excessive” cost to a manager’s father; and failing to monitor the performance of contractors providing the essential services that it no longer provides directly.

meanwhile, the Council has a legal duty to provide shelter for those “in priority need”. Backing Bromley has uncovered a litany of complaints from residents that shows the Council is failing to look after people in need.


Adam has Cerebral Palsy. He is currently staying with his Nan but was due to leave in September. Adam’s Nan understands it is hard for Adam but she finds it difficult and is elderly.  As a result, Adam has approached the Council for housing but they have told him all they can offer him is Maidstone, Medway or Leeds. Adam feels that this is not acceptable as he is a lifelong Bromley resident and his entire family and support network is in this area. Adam’s disability means he has mobility issues sometimes he cannot even lift a cup.

Currently more than 1,000 households in Bromley are in temporary accommodation. And Bromley may be contributing to the problem: some of these people have only had to leave more permanent (and lest costly) accommodation because of mess ups by Bromley Council themselves.

Bromley Council has gone further than any other in contracting out responsibility over important areas like housing, and yet its own internal audit “ineffective monitoring”, “lack of administration and record keeping” and “failure to complete and authorise contract award documentation”. These failures have cost tens of thousands that we know about.* Backing Bromley has had complaints from residents about the largest housing provider in the borough, Clarion (Affinity Sutton) refusing to make repairs – and even blaming them for damage that was already there when the resident moved! “CV” told us, ‘Affinity Sutton couldn’t care less about the welfare of a mother and child’.

A leading councillor, Peter Fortune, is a Director of Clarion (Affinity Sutton). It appears that while the concerns and interests of residents are routinely ignored, the interests of the big housing providers are represented right at the top!

The tragic events at Grenfell Tower show what happens when residents are ignored. We know that blocks in the borough have failed fire safety checks. Enough is enough. Bromley Council must listen to residents and respond to our legitimate concerns.

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*From Bromley Council Audit Controls 2016. 

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